Hunger: The Side of the COVID Pandemic Nobody Is Talking About

We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused unemployment to skyrocket. Shuttered businesses, lost wages, closed schools, and social distancing have led to hundreds of thousands of our neighbors to face hunger on a daily basis.

Here in Louisiana, I’ve long been a big supporter of 2nd Harvest, a local independent non-profit food bank. I personally know what a good job they do. I’ve volunteered there. Our son Seamus has volunteered there.

In the last four months they have distributed 24 million pounds of food, double the amount distributed at the same time last year. During that same period they have been delivering 10,000 meals daily from their Community Kitchen to seniors, children, the newly unemployed, and homeless individuals and families who are facing hunger.

I urge everyone who can afford it to give a couple of bucks to their local food bank. It doesn’t take much. At 2nd Harvest, every $1 helps provide 4 meals for a family in need and $0.97 of every $1 donated goes directly to programs that feed the hungry.

If you can’t find a food bank where you live, 2nd Harvest would welcome your donation.

The name says it all

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