SOS on Oak Street

Save Our Sandwiches that is as the New Orleans Po-Boy Preservation Festival  was held once again this weekend on historic Oak Street just off the Carrollton and Oak St. stop on the St. Charles streetcar line.  Five blocks of preservation through consumption along with music, arts and plenty of people on a beautiful sunny fall day.

Po-Boy Fest by Oak Street Main Street.

Proceeds from the event help to maintain the hsitoric Oak Street neighborhood with a portion going to the continued restoration of the nearby Ladder 7 Fire Station. That’s right: 3 years after Katrina and we’re still doing our own fundraisers to rebuild fire stations … but’s that’s a story for another day. Today just enjoy the most famous sandwich (sorry muffaleta lovers) in New Orleans.

My personal favorite you ask? The Peacemaker from Mahony’s on Magazine Street. Fried oysters, bacon and cheese … dressed of course … and renamed the Pacemaker by the locals.  First runner up, the duck po boy from Jacques- Imos Cafe ; second runner up, the gator sausage po boy with creole sauce from Serios.  Third runner up….everything else!!!! 

Best part of the day after the food?  Only 92 days to Mardi Gras …  bon temps roulez!!


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