Christmas In New Orleans

Streetcar Named Snow Flurry

The holiday season is upon and in most parts of the country that means snow. Here in New Orleans we rarely see the white stuff however so this years small snow squall was a pleasant surprise … several friends of mine have children who had never even seen snow before, which seems odd to this New England native but then I thought what better way to see it then in 4 hour increments that don’t accumulate?

Celebrating Chirstmas in New Orleans does, however, involve some other holiday icons…we just present them with our own particular slant …. like Santa

Everyone Loves A Polka

or Christmas carols

Zat You?

or the Night Before Christmas


Cuz dere on de bayou when I stretch ma’ neck stiff… Dere’s eight alligator a-pullin’ de skiff…
An’ a little fat drover wit’ a lone polein’ stick… I know r’at away got to be ole St. Nick.

Mo’ fas’er an’ fas’er de ‘gator dey came. He whistle an’ holler an’ call dem by name:
“Ha, Gaston!
Ha, Tiboy!
Ha, Pierre an’ Alcee!
Gee, Ninette!
Gee, Suzette!
Celeste an’ Renee!”

To de top o’ de porch dem ole ‘gator clime! Wit’ de skiff full o’ toy an’ St. Nicklus behin’.

Den on top de porch roof it soun’ like de hail When all dem big ‘gator done sot down dey tail!

Den down de chimney he fell wit’ a bam… An’ St. Nicklus fall an’ sit on de yam!


We’ll keep you posted with more pictures as Christmas gets closer:  joyeaux noel y’all.

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