Chad Roberts Interviews Tom O’Connor About Small Case Solutions

Rachi Messing and I are just teeing up our 2022 interviews for the eDiscovery Channel so in the meantime I thought I’d start the new year with this little gem. Chad Roberts turned the tables on me at the Georgetown AEDI in Washington DC last year shortly before Thanksgiving.

Chad, for those of you who dont know him, is the founder of  eDiscovery CoCounsel, an electronic discovery firm for plaintiffs based in Florida. Chad is well known in eDiscovery circles as a seasoned litigator with a solid technical background. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking on several panels with him over the years, so I was delighted to accept his invitation to interview me.

You can find the video at Chads eDiscovery CoCounsel YouTube channel here , on my EDiscovery Channel YouTube channel here or the link below.

Happy New Year!!

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