Webinar Explains All About the EDiscovery Checklist Manifesto

What’s the best way to handle the complex and often unexpected events in litigation with eDiscovery? A checklist of course.

A good checklist can provide a framework for handling all the components of eDiscovery in a consistent, repeatable process. This webinar will serve as an introduction to a complete set of checklists covering the entire e-Discovery process. Utilizing these checklists will allow you to be a zealous advocate for your client while managing time, budget and risk in order to ensure that your process is defensible.

Join me along with ACEDS President Mike Quartararo and Robert Powell, the Vice President of ACEDS’ Partner Digital WarRoom, as we walk you through the checklists and provide actionable tips on how to handle eDiscovery in a manner that is just, speedy and inexpensive.

The webinar is Thursday June 4 at 1PM Eastern and you can register here:

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