Digital WarRoom Presents The eDiscovery Checklist Manifesto

The eDiscovery Checklist Manifesto is a comprehensive checklist intended as a reference for what a legal professional should consider as they conduct litigation and eDiscovery.  It is intended for discussion purposes, not as a prescription for the one and only right way to approach eDiscovery.

The guide was written by Jeremy Greer, the Marketing Director at Digital WarRoom with consultation from Tom O’Connor, Director of the Gulf Coast Legal Technology Center. It is available  in HTML format on the Digital WarRoom web site here and can be downloaded, printed or saved as a PDF from that site.

Over time, Digital WarRoom plans to update and iterate the document.  With that in mind, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please leave leave them at the bottom of the document on the Digital WarRoom site or in the comment box below on this site.



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