Navigating the Dichotomy of Data: Tom O’Connor Speaks with Hunter McMahon This Week On the EDiscovery Channel

Are you increasingly perplexed by how to distinguish the differences among document types and whether they fit into labels such as “structured” or “unstructured” ? And is your confusion made even worse by increasingly massive amounts of data that have to be gathered and reviewed in increasingly shorter periods of time?

Well the folks at IDS  believe they have a solution.  Instead of focusing on documents and document structure, they focus instead on analyzing the actual contents of the documents, that is the context of that data.

Hunter McMahon is the Director of Data Analytics at IDS and in that role he assists clients in looking at data not documents. In this discussion, Hunter talks about how IDS does that and the remarkable increases in turn around time they accomplish with this approach.

Click here to watch the discussion.



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