eDiscovery for the Rest of Us Webinar with Tom O’Connor & Doug Austin

CloudNine Educational Webcast Series: eDiscovery for the Rest of Us 

May 30, 2018 at noon CST

Does it seem like eDiscovery technology today is only for the “mega-firms” and “mega-cases”? What about for the “rest of us”? Are there solutions for the small firms and cases too? What does the average lawyer need to know about eDiscovery today and how to select a solution that’s right for them? This CLE-approved* webcast will discuss what lawyers need to know about eDiscovery, the various sources of data to consider, and the types of technology solutions to consider to make an informed decision and get started using technology to simplify the discovery process. Topics include:

+ How Automation is Affecting All Industries, including eDiscovery
+ Drivers for eDiscovery Automation Today
+ Challenges from Various Sources of ESI Data
+ Ethical Duties and Rules for Managing Discovery
+ Getting Data Through the Process Efficiently
+ Small Case Examples: Ernie and EDna
+ Key Components of an eDiscovery Solution
+ Types of Tools to Consider
+ Recommendations for Getting Started

* MCLE Approved in Selected States

Expert Presenters Include:
Doug Austin: Vice President at CloudNine and Editor of the eDiscovery Daily Blog

Doug is the VP of Products and Professional Services for CloudNine. At CloudNine, Doug manages the complete product and service portfolio as well as provides professional services consulting for CloudNine clients. Doug has over 25 years of experience providing legal technology consulting, technical project management and software development services to numerous commercial and government clients.

Tom O’Connor: eDiscovery Expert and Special Consultant to CloudNine

Tom is a nationally known consultant, speaker, and writer in the field of computerized litigation support systems. Tom’s consulting experience is primarily in complex litigation matters where he has worked on numerous major cases, most recently the BP litigation. He has also been appointed as a technical consultant by various federal and state courts on cases dealing with large amounts of electronic evidence and specializes in negotiating ESI exchange protocols.

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