Tom O’Connor Joins Craig Ball, Ralph Losey, Maura Grossman and Judge Peck Speaking On EDiscovery Day

OK, I’m joining all of them in much the same way NBA player Al Attles used to say “I once combined with Wilt Chamberlain for 117 points in a game.”  On March 2, 1962, Wilt scored 100 points in a game against the New York Knicks, still the NBA single game scoring record.  Al scored 17.

Likewise, I will be speaking tomorrow, Friday December 1,  on eDiscovery Day. But only in the same arena with those other speakers not actually WITH them.

EDiscovery Day is a profession-wide event exploring issues around electronic discovery. Sponsored by Exterro,  it involves some live events and a number of webinars throughout the day covering issues across the eDiscovery spectrum.  This year is the third annual event and in case you wondered if people are taking it seriously, here is the reaction from E-Discovery Day Panelist, Blogger and Craig Ball, “To me, every day is E-Discovery Day; but, now the world will know when to hang the e-discovery stockings and serve the e-discovery wassail!” (E-Discovery Leaders Look to Methodology, Not AI, To Update Toolkits )

Perhaps his fellow Attorney, Blogger and E-Discovery Day Panelist, Ralph Losey, said it better in the same article when he noted “It is important to remind all attorneys of the significance of electronic discovery and the timely preservation of electronic evidence. Almost all documents today are electronic, and if relevant, will be part of any litigation. Lawyers and Law Departments need to master this subject to adequately represent their clients. This means constant education, which this program should assist.”

To that end, E-Discovery Day will include seven different webcasts covering topics ranging from e-discovery case law, social media, and FRCP revisions. Many of the scheduled webcasts offer CLE credit. Webcast speakers come from a variety of backgrounds, including two judges, multiple attorneys, and many influencers in the e-discovery industry.  And me.

Full details on each webinar topic and speaker information can be found at the following site: .  The two I am speaking on are Authentication of Social Media Evidence: A New Twist on the Old Rules with Gayle O’Connor, Marketing Manager of sponsor Social Evidence  ( ) at noon Eastern time and then at 1PM Eastern time Murphy’s eDiscovery Law: How to Keep What Could Go Wrong From Going Wrong with Doug Austin, VP of Operations & Professional Services at sponsor Cloudnine  ( )

In addition, there are two sessions I highly recommend for their compelling content. The first is at 3PM Eastern and features Judge Andrew Peck speaking on a subject that is near and dear to him, Is it Malpractice Not to Get a FRE 502(d) Order? Judge Peck brought this up at Relativity Fest in the Beer and Basics session when his informal survey of the attendees disclosed only a handful who were even aware of this option.  I can’t recommend this session enough for people who aren’t using FRE 502(d).

And the very last session of the day features three of my favorite speakers.  Mary Mack, the Executive Director of ACEDS will be joined at 5:30 Eastern time by Bill Hamilton, the Executive Director of the U of Florida Law Ediscovery Project and last but certainly not least Judge John Facciola (Ret) to discuss Top 5 E-Discovery Process Improvements Legal Needs to Make (But haven’t made yet…). These three will have observations that are both cogent and well expressed and I can’t say enough about the value this panel should provide.

So there you have it.  All day, all free education about ediscovery by some of the top thinkers in the field, on subjects that are as practical as they are educational.  Make some time to listen to some of these sessions and you’ll come away with some great tips for improving your ediscovery

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