What Exactly Is Case Management Software? Come to Our Webinar and We’ll Discuss It

At CaseManagerPro’s recent appearance at ILTACON17, we were all quite surprised to hear how much misunderstanding there was about case management. The confusion with document management, evidence management, time management and cost management was widespread across all firm sizes and types.

We had a great conversation with Ari Kaplan about why this is and you can watch a video of that disucssion by clicking here.


Now that ILTACON is over, we decided to take the opportunity to continue that disucssion and discuss the components of what comprises a robust case management system.  The true efficiencies of case management can only be achieved when all of those pieces work together, regardless of firm size or case complexity.

Join Chuck Cole, Director of Client Engagement as he talks with me on Oct 4th about how case management should work if properly designed. We’ll even give you some secrets to implementing a good CMS system for maximum efficiency and profitability. This is a great discussion for anyone who might be looking to increase their knowledge on just what a case management system can do.  Once we define it that is!

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