Bill Hamilton of U of Florida Levin College of Law & Tom O’Connor of Advanced Discovery talk computer basics for lawyers on a free webinar

Join Bill and Tom on Wed March 8 at 12PM Eastern as they discuss “Computer Basics for Lawyers: Building the Foundation of E-Discovery Competence”

This one-hour program will present for lawyers an overview of computer and network operation basics and illustrate why understanding basic computer operations and architecture is critical for a successful e-discovery practice. The program will build from a discussion of computer logical gates to understanding the structure of computer files as collections of on and off bits.  It will also explain basic computer programing and how a computer performs such task as adding and “remembers.”

From this foundation the program will explore the operation and implications computer peripherals, the range of computer devices, computer networks, social media, cloud computing, and the emerging “Internet of Things.” The program will emphasize how the various operational and architectural features of computers and networks impacts and triggers the decisions lawyers must make when navigating the preservation, collection, processing, review, and production phases of electronic discovery.

Free registration is available at:

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