ACEDS 2016 Conference Is In New York City Next Week, and Certification Is Still Center Stage

From this weeks Advanced Discovery blog:

ACEDS is holding their 2016 E-Discovery Conference on April 18-20 at the Grand Hyatt hotel in New York. Hundreds of ACEDS members will be attending to advance their education and career.

ACEDS gathers top judges, industry leaders, attorneys, litigation support staff and vendors to deliver knowledge on trending e-discovery topics and offer solutions to the most pressing issues in e-discovery by exchanging that knowledge among speakers and attendees.



The conference does assume a basic level of e-discovery experience and knowledge and all the sessions are designed in open format with panelists who may have different opinions on breaking issues to express them freely. Peer networking is a major component as well, with free flowing discussions at a variety of social events.

Known as an interactive conference, attendees are encouraged to dialogue with all the speakers, and from groundbreaking jurists to hardworking paralegals, speakers and attendees at this event traditionally place a high value on community, collaboration and conviviality.

The Conference will feature:

In addition to efficiencies in current practice and grappling with cutting edge e-discovery issues, special sessions will be focused on employment, career advancement and emerging adjacent opportunities for technical legal people. Those special sessions begin on Monday with a CEDS Exam Prep Seminar taught by e-discovery expert Attorney Helen Bergman Moure followed by a seminar on Cyber Security for Legal Professionals and a Law Student Blogger session.


In addition, EDRM will be holding their Spring Workshop on Monday and more information on that event can be found on the EDRM web site at

The ACEDS program kicks off on Tuesday morning, and a full schedule can be found at  I’ll be speaking with Craig Ball in a program called “The EDNA Challenge: Part 2.”  We’ll update the analysis done in Craig Ball’s influential paper “E-Discovery for Everybody: The EDNA Challenge” by discussing how to handle e-discovery on a $5000 budget.  The program will demonstrate proven and cost-effective methods, as well as some creative new ways to do discovery on a shoestring budget.

Then, later that afternoon, I will be doing an “E-Discovery & Pro-Bono Workshop” with attorney Suzanne Clark, CEDS, Vice-President & Membership Chair of the Jacksonville FL ACEDS Chapter. We’ll discuss traditional pro bono activities as well as newer activity in education, the vendor world and small firms, finishing up with a call to action for new mentoring efforts in this much needed area.

So, if you’re New York next week, come by the Grand Hyatt. And, if you can’t make it, email me at so I can fill you in on everything we discussed!

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