Theyr’e Back!! The Return of the EDiscovery (Red) Zone

So several years ago my good friend Browning Marean and I decided to take the phone calls we had 2 or 3 times a week during his morning commute into the San Diego office of DLA Piper and share them with the rest of the world. We really thought we were that smart. Or funny. Or something.

And so the EDiscovery Zone was born. Hosted by our good (and incredibly patient friends) at TechLaw Solutions we offered regular interviews with luminaries in the EDiscovery world in which we discussed trends and key developments along with their impact on the litigation process. And every now and then Jay Stromberg, the marketing guru at TechLaw, would even film our interviews at a show like LegalTech New York so we could be sarcastic and dress inappropriately at the same time.

But all good things must come to an end or, in this case, morph into something better.  When I joined the team at Gallivan Gallivan & O’Melia several months ago, Browning and I left the EDiscovery Zone behind and the EDiscovery Red Zone was born. Now hosted by GGO on their Digital WarRoom site  at , our mix of conversations and interviews with guests on news and topics in litigation technology and e-discovery  continues to boldly go where no sensible commentator has gone before.

The format now is to regular weekly short conversations on a topic that interests us supplemented by longer in-depth discussions with an expert commentator.  This week’s topic is project management in the EDiscovery field with a special focus on EDiscovery checklists being promulgated by courts and government agencies. And our first EDiscovery expert is the renowned George Socha, Co-Director of the EDRM project, who discusses some of the developing trends in EDiscovery for 2013 as well as several new EDRM projects, including their new CARRM initiative (Computer Assisted Review Reference Model) which is designed to bring an EDRM-like framework to the CAR discussion.

So join us on the all new EDiscovery Red Zone, where Browning and I will provide coaching and playbooks for the ongoing EDiscovery contest.

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