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It’s the beginning of a new year and thus an appropriate time for resolutions. One of mine is to do a little less tweeting and Facebooking  and get back to one blog entry a week.  So where to begin? Well  to paraphrase the Red King from Alice in Wonderland, it’s always best to begin at the beginning. And the beginning for e-discovery is the E.

Last year I wrote a series of eight articles called EDiscovery 101 for Litigation World, a publication of Technolawyer.  As I mentioned in the opening article, “The very first problem with e-discovery is that lawyers are good at law but not so good at technology. No surprise there. They don’t receive technology training in law school and get only a modicum thereafter and even that is generally only on the technology they will be using at their place of employment.”

The thrust of the articles then was to cover the basics of computer technology. That is, technical issue such as how computers create and store data in order to give the readers a basic understanding of how computers and computer networks work. Only then did we move on to discuss ESI and why attorneys needed to “speak geek”.

All the articles are available in the Technolawyer Archive. The links are below but you will need a subscription. Yu can sign up here,  http://www.technolawyer.com/litigationworld.asp or jump to specific chapter links as listed below. Neil Squillante at Technolawyer tells me that he plans to compile all the articles into an ebook that all TechnoLawyer members can download for free without a TechnoLawyer Archive subscription. I’ll keep you apprised of that project as it develops.

Tom O’Connor’s Ediscovery 101 Articles in LitigationWorld

Ediscovery 101 Class 1: The Knowledge Gap Among Lawyers and How We Got Here http://bit.ly/GRBMvX

Ediscovery 101 Class 2: How Do Computers Work and Why Should Litigators Care? http://bit.ly/GTFrON

Ediscovery 101 Class 3: Bits, Bytes, and the Building Blocks of ESI http://bit.ly/IOlozf

Ediscovery 101 Class 4: How Computers Store (Discoverable) Data http://bit.ly/Lj1I8s

Ediscovery 101 Class 5: The “Discovery” in Ediscovery http://bit.ly/SOjFRv

Ediscovery 101 Class 6: Collection, Processing, and Metadata http://bit.ly/SvfudX

Ediscovery 101 Class 7: Why Litigators Must Speak Geek About Storage Technologies http://bit.ly/TNOvFv

Ediscovery 101 Class 8: Closing Thoughts and True Mastery http://bit.ly/UgV87n

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