Made it home Thursday nite after one last run thru the exhibit hall and catching uo with folks I missed the first three days. Hard to believe, but as he pointed out in his Pinhawk Law Technology Daily Digest today, Jeff Brandt wasn’t one of them.

Jeff felt that ” “reunion” dominated the conference” and I’d be hard pressed to disagree. It was certainly the dominant unofficial theme this year and overarched all the official proceedings. If there was ever any doubt that ILTA is a true member driven organization, this meeting dispelled it.

One person I did see everywhere was Doug Austin and he did a great recap of the events with Mary Mack and Kaylee Walstad of the EDRM. You can find the video of that interview on DOugs site, EDiscovery Today.

A special shoutout to Beth Anne Stuebe, ILTA Director of Publications and Press, who provided press passes to the many bloggers present and kept us up to speed with daily morning brefings about the show, it’s events and vital statistics.

And of course, my friends and colleagues, the real killer B’s, Craig Bayer and Craig Ball. Never a dull moment, a missed quip or a passed up insightful comment around these two. Thanks guys.

See you all next year back at Orlando.

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