Short Break for the EDiscovery Channel and A Repeat Chat with Herb Roitblatt

The Ediscovery Channel is on hiatus this week as I’m travelling to Seattle for a McCormick family memorial service for Gayle.  But I noticed a post today on the Ediscovery Today blog called, New Publication of “The Use of Artificial Intelligence in eDiscovery” from EDRM: eDiscovery Best Practices.  The 12-page paper is designed “to provide a preliminary overview of the field” and is available for download from the site here. It provides an introduction to AI, and discusses the types of AI, the uses of AI, the benefits of using AI and key consideration in using AI in eDiscovery.  It also discusses ethical considerations and the future of AI in eDiscovery, concluding with a brief bibliography of sources about AI.

It reminded me of a great interview Rachi and I did with Herb Roitblatt.  I consider Herb to be a sound thinker about AI and by that I mean one who doesn’t devolve into overextended metaphors and marketing hype and highly recommend his book, Algortihms Are Not Enough from MIT Press and there was a wonderful review of the book back in March that you might also want to look at called Why AI Can’t Solve Unknown Problems

We’ll be back in two weeks with our regularly scheduled program.

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