Quick Start Guide to Mastering EDiscovery

Hot off the digital presses, LitigationWorld has just published the  Quick Start Guide to Mastering Ediscovery, a free PDF report written by yours truly.   Now tons of ediscovery starter guides exist, so what makes this one any different? Well, apart from the fact that I wrote it so of course I’m going to talk about my Quick Start Guide to Mastering Ediscovery and not someone elses, the fact is that most intro to ediscovery publications assume too much knowledge and are therefore not true starter guides.

In my new Guide, I dial it way back and start by explaining how computers store data.  I define every term as I go along, starting with the basics like “bits” and “bytes.”  Heck, I don’t even mention collection, processing, or load files until Chapter 6.  After that, you can move onto more advanced material and in fact, I’ll direct you to more advanced resources such as Georgetown’s Ediscovery Training Academy, and to teachers such as Craig Ball, Michael Arkfeld and Ralph Losey.

And the Guide is vendor-absent. It focuses on ediscovery in its pure sense, not on products, so you don’t have to worry about sales pitches for specific software.  Simply put, the LitigationWorld Quick Start Guide to Mastering Ediscovery is where every litigator, paralegal, and corporate counsel should start, if I do say so myself. And I just did.

The Guide is free but available only to TechnoLawyer members but TechnoLawyer membership is likewise free.  To join and download the Guide, go here.  http://www.technolawyer.com/tll/quick-start-guide-ediscovery.asp

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