More Reasons I Love NOLA

Dr. John:  whether he’s doing a free concert last night in Lafayette Square to benefit Harvest The Music or posing for a pic at Dear New OrleansMac Rebennack is what New Orleans is all about

Egrets:   they’re everywhere and unexpectedly add a special kind of beauty to the most mundane settings, especially when you come out in the morning to go to work and find one on your car as Andy Lee, an attorney at Jones Walker here in town  just did.  Thanks Andy!

Po Boys:  Uptown, Mid City, 9th Ward, French Quarter … they’re everywhere.  Roast beef, shrimp, oysters  (oh no  I forgot …see picture at top of this post)  Dressed, mayo only. It don’t make me no never mind how you order one … just order one  ..   and get one for the family, like the Prez did at my personal favorite location up my part of town, The Parkway Bakery & Tavern.  

And don’t just take my word for it.  My son, Seamus, the skateboarding philosopher king of Western Washington University in there aint no ham like Bellingham Wash has been coming to New Orleans since he was 5.  Soon as he hits town first thing he wants is a po boy from the Verti Marte in the Quarter. (hey they’re open 24 hours AND they deliver … a college students dream come true) When he heard they were closed due to a fire his immediate reaction was “But the Parkway is still open, right?”  

If you can’t trust a college student for dining recommendations, well then you’re just not eating right!

And coming up next month is the Holy Grail of po boy dining, The New Orleans Po Boy Preservation Festival.  Food, music, food and    well more food.   Sunday Nov.14th on Oak Street Uptown. Take the St. Charles Street Car to the Po-Boy Fest. Get off on Carrollton & Oak, Stop #46.  We’ll be reporting live until our fat little fingers can Tweet no more because the keep slipping off the IPhone screen from all the drippings.

S.O.S Save our Sandwich! New Orleans Po-Boy Preservation Festival : Sun Nov 22, 2009 11am til 6pm : Oak St at Carrollton

Until that day … peace love and crawfish (poboy that is)

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