More Ways to Tell It’s Fall In New Orleans

1. The humidity went below 75% last week …..once

2. The temperature went below 90 last week …. also once

3. Local musicians are back in the area. I mean tonight our local “performance center”, which cost $27 million to repair after Katrina while schools, hospitals and fire stations were not repaired or replaced, is hosting KC and The Sunshine Band and The Village People while just across Rampart  Street two establishments devoted to local music (Donna’s and The Funky Butt) have closed since the storm when city inspectors would not force the building owner to make necessary repairs.  That’s the SAME owner for both buildings holding each club: what a coinkadink.

I mean, how much more New Orleans can you get? A huge  expenditure for trivial or even ridiculous establishments which are important only to a small (but wealthy and politically influential … oh yes and primarily white) part of the population while failing to preserve bars which support brass bands (primarily black) on the street where modern music was invented (by black people).

KC and the fucking Sunshine Band …… Jesus Christ on a crutch.

4. OK really, #3 should have read, “our local politicians are still assholes” …. local musicians ARE back. Starting last night with Anders Osborne in Lafayette Park, Harvest The Music is presenting local talent thru Nov.3 every Wednesday night. Free. 

Dr. John, Rebirth, Ivan Neville and Dumpstafunk (hope he does his version of Fortunate Son …  it’s a Bush classic) The Rads,  Kermit, Cowboy Mouth.  Free.

How ironic. A locally produced free series of concerts on what was the English (ie slave owning) side of Canal St while in Congo Square, the only place blacks could legally congregate during colonial times, we get high priced, sanitized white bread music. 

How New Orleans.

5. The horses are back.  Okay it’s only a 2 week quarter horse meet but that means it’s a short time to the full track season opens.

6. Burlesque is back.  Really do I need to say any more?


 7. Roller Girls are back.  See explanation for #6

The Big Easy All-Stars

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