August Is The Hottest Month

So I’m in San Diego helping Gayle recover form a back operation. 

and I know what you’re thinking … “oh well, New Orleans is unbearable in August and nothing really goes on there then anyway.”

Well no, not unless you count   Satchmo Fest

or the Pipe and Cigar Retailers Conference  or the Saints opening training camp and visiting a few friends


or White Linen Nite,

and Dirty Linen Nite

the Red Dress Run

, Madden Gras  One Book, One New Orleans , the opening of Spike Lee’s new documentary “If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise“,

Wednesdays On The Point , Mystakal gets out of jail (they should send him to France to live with Roman Polanski, maybe they could drug and rape each other instead of helpless young women)   Southern Decadence

and of course our favorite past time  ….  hurricane watching.

That’s all for now …. gotta help Gayle take a spin on her walker …….

Peace Love and Crawfish Y’All !!!!

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