Jazz Fest Wrap Up

Well the last weekend was soggy but still had great music and people just dragged out the umbrellas and ponchos and kept on dancin.  Some of the highlights were Aaron Neville in the Gospel Tent, with brother Charlie playing sax

Teena Marie was on the Congo Square stage

and out in the crowd watching her was Anita Baker

Big crowds also for Pearl Jam, Jeff Beck, the Radiators and the Neville Brothers but my personal favorite was Van Morrison playing in a strong rainstorm 

But the rain didn’t matter to his fans, certainly not this happy couple  …… “‘hey where did we go, babe when the rains came .. ”

In the Blues Tent, the last act of the weekend was the great B.B. King, who showed the younger folks like Van and especially Jeff Beck that connecting with the crowd is part of the performance and the real key to becoming a musical legend …

And the day finished with a big neighborhood crawfish boil …  thanks Darren

Really, it’s just not Fest without mudbugs! 

So that’s a wrap for this year. Breakdown is under way (I’ll post some pics of that process later in the week) and for now it’s a box full of rain and a table full of memories.

Peace love and crawfish   ……see y’all next year!!!

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