All On A Mardi Gras Day

Well Mardi Gras started later than usual for the O’Connor clan this year. Gayle and I both had a ton of work to do so we got up early to get a jump on that before we headed out for any festivities.  It actually worked out well as we plugged away on calls and contacts until almost 2PM, which meant we missed the Zulu parade (which always starts out at 8AM on Mardi Gras) but also missed the high 3o degree temperatures that hovered over greater New Orleans all morning. 

It was late afternoon by the time we got to the Quarter but the sun was out and people were streaming in to take advantage of the warmth and show off their costumes.  I’ve put a few below to show you what the locals do on Mardi Gras and it’s NOT beer, Bourbon St and boobs, despite what you may see on TV.


And of course at the end of the evening, there’s one Mardi Gras custom that everyone agrees on. 

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